Impulse Control

There have been exactly ZERO dates for me in 2019.

That’s right, NONE!

Meanwhile Tejas is chugging along with his girlfriend and giving ME dating advice.

First of all, he thinks I need to get out more.

I skipped the Bohemian Party in Scott’s Valley to just chill at home with my spawn.

How am I going to meet people if I’m staying at home?

And we’ve already established that internet dating is a waste of time.

You might not know this, but Tejas is a Dating and Relationship Coach.

He’s got the certificate to prove it.

If only I followed Tejas’ advice, my life would run smoothly and I would achieve all my goals.


At least that’s what Tejas’ thinks.

As it turns out, I follow Tejas’ advice MAYBE 10% of the time and the other 90% of the time I do whatever the fuck I want.


How many people have ACCESS to a Relationship and Dating Coach?

Not many.

And here I am IGNORING his advice.

It’s not that he gives BAD advice.


Actually, his advice is really sound.

It’s just that I have poor impulse control.

That explains A LOT!

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