Bona Fide

One thing you should know about Barbara is that she is a trend setter.

Barbara got eyelash extensions.

I got eyelash extensions.

I even went to the same technician to get my lashes done.

The latest trend Barbara is embracing is sparkly coffin-shaped nails.

I too have embraced this trend.

Of course, I go to the same woman that Barbara uses.

When I was leaving the salon, I ran into Barbara’s former roommate.

She gets her nails done there too!

We all follow Barbara’s beauty regime!

Tejas took one look at my nails and called me a sparkle pony.

In Burning Man speak that’s “All fluff, no substance.”

Do I care?


Because honestly, I LOVE my long sparkly coffin nails.

Barbara should get free beauty treatments, I think.

She’s like a living, breathing advertisement for the services she gets.

And of course, you know when Barbara researches something you’re getting a great deal.

She doesn’t spend her money on sub-standard treatments.


My girl wants the best and that’s what she gets.

So anything with her STAMP OF APPROVAL on it is bona fide.

Run out and get you some sparkly coffin nails and see if you’re not delighted with the finished product. . .