What can I give away on the playa that’s symbolic of Burning Man and me?

That’s a very good question.

I’m looking into sewing a zippered MOOP bag (aka a “pouch”) for my gift.

For a 6” x 9” pouch, I can sew 12 pouches per yard of fabric.

I’d probably only need to sew 3 yards worth of fabric to make 36 pouches to give away.

I love this Asian-themed butterfly fabric:

And then some beautiful light blue lining fabric:

And finished off with a lovely contrasting pink zipper:

No, it’s not the MOST MASCULINE thing I’ve ever made, but what the hell – it’s a FREE gift to my friends and campmates.

They can use it for MOOP, a dop kit, a jewelry kit, or even a small makeup bag.