Mug design

I worked on my design a little and wound up with this image:

Tejas likes this image more than my previous image:

But honestly, given that I want to etch this design on a stainless steel cup with a carabiner for a handle, doesn’t it make sense to have a simpler design?

One that allows the logo to be LARGER and more VISIBLE?

I’m not even sure that the caterpillars will show up properly, they’re so small and delicate.

So I’m still playing around with designs, but right now, this is the winner:

Not too shabby, eh?

I’m not sure I like it with more bells and whistles thrown in.


3 thoughts on “Mug design

  1. I agree simpler is best so the design stands out. Also I don’t know if it matters much but technically the theme is metamorphoses with an E instead of an I before the s at the end, which means more than 1 metamorphosis. πŸ¦„πŸ‘½πŸ”₯

  2. I actually didn’t realise those were caterpillars til I read that was what they were. Of course, I’m often blind as a bat without sonar. I love this design, but yes, simple is best. It is striking, sexy, and seriously beautiful.

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