Transparent Clothes

I’m wondering about this new trend I like to call TRANSPARENT CLOTHES.

Have you seen them?

The most innocuous ones have a transparent skirt over a shorter skirt and women who wear them get to show off their legs.

Then there’s the next step in the evolution of transparent clothes.

Transparent pants.


All the way, from top to bottom, completely see-through!

You can’t just put on any old panties with transparent pants.

You have to put on your nice panties and they must be matching.

Finally, you have your completely transparent outfit, which is transparent on top AND on bottom.

Matching bra and panties set REQUIRED!

I’ve been known to buy a few transparent items for my wardrobe.

But it’s for Burning Man.

I could not PICTURE myself walking out on the street showing off my bra and panties to just everyone.

There are CHILDREN!

I wonder sometimes about the over-sexualization of women.

Things like transparent clothes seem like a gigantic step back for womankind.

I mean, I’m not proposing hijabs or anything like that (not that there’s anything wrong with hijabs).

It would just be nice if for once the fashion industry might come up with a trend that doesn’t let the world be your gynecologist.

Maybe designers are going for desensitization.

They figure the more we see it, the less phenomenal it will be.

Well, I’ve got news for the fashion industry.

Never have I ever noticed a woman in her underwear out on the street and NOT been titillated by it.

But that’s just me.