F*ck all this

My vacation to Florida never materialized.

Turns out that irresponsible guy who was spewing germs on my flight home from Reno last week gave me the flu.


And I have been down for the count since Friday, when I left work early convinced I was having the worst allergy attack EVER.

No so, little bitch!

You’ve got the flu.

I see your flu vaccine and raise you one bloody eye (from vomiting so hard I broke a blood vessel in my eye).

Isn’t the flu just delicious?

So scrap my cross country vacation.

Realize (as I have) that I am destined to die alone and unloved.

And I’m not fucking okay with that.

I can’t even bring myself to unpack my suitcase, with all the sundresses I was hoping to wear in the Florida sun.

Do I sound miserable?

It’s because I am.

Fucking rotten turn of events.

Everything sucks.