An interesting man has appeared on the horizon.

All my pet peeves rolled into one:

  1. A profile picture of him wearing a hat
  2. And sporting sunglasses
  3. And I can’t be sure but IF he had an online dating profile I’m pretty sure it would contain some panorama photos of some grandiose mountain vistas.

He does however, have one gloriously redeeming quality.


And you know how this woman LOVES herself a man with a beard.

It’s the first thing I noticed and hats/sunglasses be damned.

I am intrigued.

Add to that the fact that he seems to be a seasoned outdoorsman.

The kind of guy who likes dogs.

And the adventurous sort of fellow who can pack for a 2-week trip to Europe or a 1-week trip camping off the grid in the mountains.

I’ll bet he could park a 20 foot travel trailer in an 18 foot space.

And I’m guessing he has a Leatherman.

And by “Leatherman,” I mean the tool set, not a guy with a fetish for wearing high heels (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I’ve been to his blog.

As it turns out, he is a REAL writer.

Published, and the like.

Not like me, where I just type for my own sordid pleasures.

And for your voyeuristic tendencies.

12 thoughts on “Flirt

      • Well, in spite of what you have said in other posts, you are quite good at it. And yes, I am a dog person. (Note the lack of hyphen!) Hope you get to feeling better soon! As for parking the trailer, I’m not one to brag…

      • Why thank you! I’m working on being appropriately complimentary while mastering low key charm and friendly body language. I’m looking at you with my one good eye right now and thinking about a slow wink.

  1. LOVED it. Thank you for finding new people for me to follow. (which I do rarely…)
    I was thinking back to when I was first starting WP with my cleaner blog and how you don’t mind you are followed by a dual personality! I’ve always enjoyed you as a writer and absolutely enjoy your passion for your family, NCIS, and hobbies. OK, that is enough. I’m sure your 800 plus followers already love and adore you, but you can tell them to ask me and I’ll give you a good reference any day!

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