Don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

I took my sons once to a place called Toffee Tree Ranch, in the mountains of Redding in Northern California.

It was a lovely vacation, complete with fishing, hiking, horseback riding, arctic plunges, hot tubbing, games, kittens and dogs, mounds of food and OF COURSE gymkhana.

Any idea what gymkhana is?

It’s when a bunch of tourists run around a dude ranch trying to act like real cowboys by doing things like barrel racing, speed runs, and ultimately, a water fight!

In case you were wondering, yes.

I barrel raced (I tipped over ALL the barrels):

And my boys had a super BIG blast ganging up on me and getting me soaking wet after the competition:

I came across these photos the other day and couldn’t help but be reminded of all the fun I had with my boys when they were little.

How I hope those days are only temporarily on hold and will resume once the awkward teenage years are over.

I’m getting sentimental.

Maybe it’s the remnants of the flu but I find myself a little moody and nostalgic for the old times.

Le sigh.

Don’t know what you’ve got, til it’s gone.

3 thoughts on “Don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

  1. This is awesome! They do come back once the hormones settle down, or they have kids of their own, from what I hear. It will be different, but they will come back. ❤

  2. What I wrote about mom after she died. Do not wait. Enjoy life now. Be reasonable, but do not wait til you are thinner, feel better, have more cash, or whatever. After my eldest went to Iraq and we celebrated his birthday not having a clue where he was, I knew I’d celebrate him whenever I could. Birthday or not! Same with the baby. (Ok, the 25 year old…)

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