Cruise Control

I have never been on a cruise.

How I managed to live 45 years of life without taking a cruise, I will never know.

But there you have it.

It could have something to do with the fact that I get sea sickness inside the cabin of a boat.

Granted, the boats I’ve been on have been fishing boats or whale watching boats in choppy water.

And so long as I stand outside, in the cold and the wet, I don’t get sick.

I’m not sure how I’d handle being indoors on a large ship.

But I’m guessing that since I get car sick, I’d also get seasick.

My birthfather and stepmother go on cruises and THEY LOVE THEM.

They even took my aunt on the last cruise they went on as a 50th birthday present.

Honestly, it sounded lovely.

Get on a cruise.


Get fed well.

Drink your weight in booze.

Get off in ports of interest and sightsee.

Get back on the ship and wait for the next port.

Indulge in leisure activities.

Doesn’t it sound divine?

I don’t want to go on a cruise by myself but I’m thinking I may talk my birthfamily into taking a little cruise, just to see if I can handle it.

Yes, I know there’s Dramamine for the motion sickness, but one tablet of that shit and I am LIGHTS OUT.

Who’s with me?

Who wants to go on a cruise?

8 thoughts on “Cruise Control

  1. I was on one cruise. ONE. It was lovely the first two days, then I got sick. Wednesday through Saturday I was cramped up and the ship doctor (who was NOT akin to Doc on Love Boat!) said to stay inside my cabin. I now know how viruses travel on a ship. I wasn’t about to stay put, I didn’t have a fever, I was just sick AND on my period. It was awful. Turns out I’d had a gall bladder attack due to the different kinds of foods I ate on the cruise compared to normal food. A month and a half later, I had it removed and was in the hospital for a week during Christmas.
    I want to do an Alaskan cruise, but………..

  2. I went on one cruise with my family. Didn’t feel any motion. Did decide it wasn’t for me. Drinking, gambling, infinite food may be heaven for some, but it’s not for me.

  3. I get seasick too- ask when you book where is best at your price point on the ship where you get less movement, and buy the Dramamine and antiseasickness bracelet

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