Bars and dating apps

“You don’t meet nice people in bars or dating apps.”

It took hearing it from a stranger for me to really absorb the meaning of what he said.

I’ve always felt that going to bars is a good way to meet an alcoholic.

And I’ve never been a big fan of internet dating, though I certainly gave it more than the college try.

But hearing the two places – bars and dating apps – strung together like that, it FINALLY made sense to me.

Both are crap if you’re trying to meet someone special.

I’m no longer living under the impression that any sort of significant human connection will result from using dating apps.

And lord knows though I was a barfly in my early 20s, I certainly have no interest in sitting at a bar, listening to loud music, and trying to make eyes at guys who catch my interest.

Where do you meet decent people?

In the grocery store.

Better yet, in the BOOK STORE.

On a hike.


At an animal rescue benefit dinner.

Through friends.

Definitely NOT at a bar or online.

I’ve often said, it felt impossible to make a meaningful connection with the men I dated, and that’s true.

No matter how honest and vulnerable I was with my truth, seldom did my date respond to it.

People have to be alert to others to be able to connect with them.

And the people I went out with were completely closed off to new human connection.

Other than the physical, that is.

So there you have it.

In a nutshell, why I gave up internet dating?

“You don’t meet nice people in bars or dating apps.”

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