The upside down

Obviously, I’ve taken boudoir photos.

It was my “big adventure” of 2014.

I even posted them online on this site, just to be totally honest about the process and results.

Apparently, according to my new online friend Clinton, there is a photo missing from my photo set – the upside down cleavage shot.

Now, I’m not one to allow a specific angle to go missing from my collection, PARTICULARLY when it involves my cleavage.

Which brings me to my next point:  There will be a “naughty” photographer at unSCruz.

This photographer is well known for taking beautiful, tasteful nude images.

Perhaps he’ll even take one of me and my cleavage, upside down.

The irony in all this, is that the “upside down cleavage shot” is a pet peeve of Clinton’s, on account of it being challenging to get the picture right side up so it can be viewed clearly on a handheld device.

So obviously I’m not doing this to “please a man.”

But I am doing it to please me.

So whether I’m in a black lace bra, a hand bra, or no bra, just be advised that photos are forthcoming.

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