Cyber stalking

Once upon a time I was very much in love with a man.

For nearly two years, we enjoyed each other’s company until one sad day when we parted ways.

At first it wasn’t amiable.

I was pissed that he brought a date to our mutual friend’s pirate-themed party a mere week and a half after our split.

But eventually we made peace and it’s a good thing too because I can now remember him fondly, without a trace of anger.

But the sadness?

Oh, there’s sadness.

The other day I was texting a friend who mentioned he saw Mother’s Day pics of his ex-girlfriend posted to a mutual friend’s Facebook page.

And he was pleased to see her looking happy and well.

I finished our conversation then got online and looked up my ex.

Still the same lovely man, of course.

But there was ONE PHOTO.

Just a photo of him, nothing special.

And oh, how my eyes DRANK UP THE SIGHT OF HIM.

And then I got a funny feeling in my chest.

I’m not even sure what it was.



Maybe even a little wistfulness?

In any case, I immediately closed my app and swore up and down that I would never do that again.

And I won’t.

Until the next time.


2 thoughts on “Cyber stalking

  1. Everyone I know does this to some extent. The last time I did something similar, I saw a post that reminded me of exactly why the relationship did not work out. He’s a nice guy with some good qualities but it was good to get confirmation that he is definitely not for me.

  2. Yep. Mother’s Day was a real bitch for me too. I might just send you an email about it all. Too much to cover here. I am having a good time catching up with all of your posts though! I’ve been a slacker.

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