Not all who wander are lost

I “accidentally” stayed up all night last night texting an ex-boyfriend.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie, we were FLIRTING.

Hard core.

Well, maybe not HARD CORE because no genital photos were swapped but we definitely revisited our greatest hits.

That time I went on a naked retreat and returned home to him to much fanfare and (ahem) mattress dancing.

Yes, I went on a naked retreat (not knowing it was a NAKED retreat) and I survived.

It was amusing, to say the least, flirting with someone who knows me so well and can charm his way through my defenses.

Once upon a time, I was so IN LOVE with this man.

And boy was he a challenge to date.

  • The other women.
  • The family issues.
  • The adventure seeker waiting to take off solo.

I navigated some pretty tricky territory with this man.

But then he reminded me why we split.

I had a young family and he was done raising his and didn’t want to be part of mine.

I got sad.

A little teary.

Then I remembered:

  1. I’m single
  2. I’m awesome
  3. I don’t want this man
  4. There are other fish in the sea

And just like that, the sadness passed.

I may seem to be moving directionless through my dating life, but in reality I am being very precise.

Not all who wander are lost.