So I have a YouTube account I BARELY use.

But 10 years ago, when I was IN LOVE, I uploaded videos of me and my boyfriend INSANELY HAPPY and FILLED WITH JOY.

Needless to say, insanely happy and filled with joy did not last, and me and my beau split.

In my sorrow, I created AND UPLOADED a video.

A slideshow of images of us together.

We weren’t just happy.

Oh no!

We were offensively happy.

Seriously, even I hate us when I watch that video.

I believe there’s even a few “post-coital” images of us in there.

Including our first time (which was on a couch).

And to make matters worse, the soundtrack I used was “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt.

Could it GET any more ironic?

Here it is, a DECADE later and I’m stuck with that video on YouTube.

I’ve tried to take it down, but NO LUCK!


If you have any idea how to delete a video on YouTube, PLEASE. . .

. . .send me instructions!

And for anyone interested in seeing the first 10 seconds of this video (because that’s as long as you’ll last given the vomit-inducing displays of love), email me at michelle@unblunder.com and I’ll send you the link so you can puke before it’s gone.

As my friend Nick would say, “You went full boiler bunny on this one.”


UPDATE:  Thanks to my friend Rich, I was able to take it down.  RIP, little video!