I went to an Irish pub the other day to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Three beers in, I went outside the pub to chat with a friend who was enjoying a cigarette.

As we were chatting, we were interrupted by a young man (mid-20s, I think) who wanted to “steal a cigarette” from my friend.

He had an obvious Scottish accent.

I was dumbfounded.

It was like I conjured up a dream out of thin air.

[And one that was cute and had a beard]

I knew my friend would be titillated.

We conversed about Scotland, travel, Scottish men and women, and American men and women.

My friend mentioned that Bay Area women can be snobby.

I disagreed.

I said, “I grew up here and I’m not a snob.”

The young man then implied that “women my age” are different than women his own age.

He nearly asked me my age but then changed his mind.

He kept leaning in to me when he spoke to me, although he spoke with my friend more than I.

Especially when he described Scottish flirting as getting really drunk first then going home to shag.

When we said goodbye, he clasped my hands in both his hands and said farewell.

Nothing like a nice light flirting to get the blood pumping.

I asked him his name before he left.


So hello Callum from halfway between Edinburgh and Perth!

It was so nice flirting with you.