Sliding naked down a hot slide

I struggle with my blog posts quite a bit.

Should I write truthfully, changing names to protect people’s identity?

Or should I only write a version of the truth, putting a spin on things so that no one gets cross at me?

It’s a tough tightrope to walk.

On the one hand, I want to capture events as close to reality as possible.

On the other hand, sometimes people don’t behave as well as they should as the results are. . . well. . . entertaining.

The other day I wrote a password protected post.

In it, I described being intimate with an [ahem] well-endowed man with very little foreplay.

You can imagine the results.

I cross my legs just thinking about it.

What I left out was that I probably instigated the sex prematurely when I handed my partner a bottle of lube.

Not for sex, but for lubrication.

I was damp from the hot tub and he was dry.

Touching him was like trying to slide naked down a hot slide.

It was sticky so I grabbed lube!

I left out other key details as well.

So although I didn’t lie, the truth wasn’t captured completely, and the blog post made my date sound like a real jerk when the reality was he really was only trying to make me happy.

Who’s the jerk now?

In any case, I’ve decided that since I will continue to blog, I need to be as accurate as possible.

But I also anticipate that I will get in trouble again.

People just want to censor you when you mention them.

Par for the course in blogging.

Honestly, writers should come with a warning:

But also?


2 thoughts on “Sliding naked down a hot slide

  1. The upside here might be that not naming people could elevate the mystery. On the other hand, if you were to use “Joe” … How would the majority of your readers ever know whether or not it was a “made-up” name? Your content is “upbeat” enough I guess… without requiring “real” names? My 5c If the revelation of real people’s names makes you uneasy it might be a clue that you’re not entirely ready to go that route yet. Would it truly improve the story?

  2. I just enjoy reading your blog. For me it’s an unfolding story. You present your friends and family members with quirks and virtues that move the story along. Questionable characters also appear and they pose interesting questions and problems that also contribute to the story. As a casual reader, it doesn’t matter to me if you use fictitious names. I know them by the roles they play in your life and that’s the important thing!

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