Poster child for monogamy

My friend Tom is the poster child for monogamy.

He fell in love with a woman.

They dated.

Then they shockingly broke up.

And now he’s alone without his soulmate there beside him.

By the time you reach my age (45), you’ve learned a thing or two about love.

I’ve learned that sometimes, love is not enough.

And relationships take effort and commitment.

The end result, of course, is that Tom is heartbroken.

And TOTALLY OFF THE MARKET for another relationship.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.

How many people out there are dating but have their heart still held fast by a former lover?

Everyone who has reached the age of 30, I would think.

By 30 you’ve fallen in love, at least once, and had time to actually work on a relationship.

And even though I can honestly say that my ex-boyfriend Jay holds that space in my heart, I can also say that I believe that there’s something better out there for me.

Yes, better than the best I’ve ever had.

Well, for one reason – I’m better.

Tom and I bonded over writing, music and mutually pining after our exes.

Unlike me, Tom thinks that love will pass him by unless his ex-girlfriend returns.

I however, am optimistic.

For Tom.

And for me.

6 thoughts on “Poster child for monogamy

  1. It does make you wonder. If someone leaves and they come back, will they be good enough for who you become by then? I can relate to Tom. Though, in my experience, I haven’t been living up to my own expectations as I try to become a “better” version of myself. In a lot of ways, being with my SO inspired me to do better. And now, I’m just splashing around in the deep end, trying not to look like I’m drowning (even when I am).

    • I never thought of it that way, but as you evolve, shouldn’t there be other people evolving along with you who might make a good soulmate?

      • Good point. My main concern is we all become capable enough to not “need” anyone else. Even transcend sex. I guess if you get to the point, either it’s a moot point, or you become the Buddha.

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