I want to let you in on a little secret.

When going out on dates, I often wear SPANX to give me a smoother silhouette.

Yes, it’s true.

Nothing like a pair of hold-you-in panties to give you that sleek, svelte outline you want.

As much as I love my SPANX, I also hate them.

They’re a BITCH to take off and they’re not exactly pretty to look at.

So I’ve developed a trick.

When I want to go past second base on a date, I will excuse myself, go to the restroom, remove my SPANX and put on a pair of really sexy knickers.

Well, the other day I was out on a date and we retreated to his house.

I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and removed my SPANX.

But I forgot my sexy pair of knickers so I was stuck going commando. . .

. . .which he discovered (shocking!).

And now, I’m not quite sure if I should admit to him that I wear SPANX and forgot my panties or if I should just let him think I’m a strumpet who doesn’t wear panties on dates.

Decisions, decisions!