Red Flags

Not surprisingly, I see a lot of red flags when I go out on dates with men.

The guy who brought his 6-year-old daughter on a date was a red flag.

Then there was the attorney who passed gas in his car driving me up and down Mt. Hamilton.  Nasty rancid hummus farts.


The guy who got REALLY mad at me for showing up an hour “late” for a date when he had accidentally texted me the wrong time.

But the guy who takes the cake is the one who left a hand gun out on his counter top just as casual as can be.

As my friend Michelle pointed out, “The hand gun is a major red flag.  As you know my family are military with guns.  They would counsel you 100% to not see someone again who leaves their handgun out on a counter.”

Yes, indeed.

Most of my friends were perturbed by the casual presence of a gun on my date.

Tom, always the comedian, sent me this clip from “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”:

The IMPLICATION of course being that who is going to say no when there’s the idle threat of a gun laying nearby?

Personally, I think this guy had no idea that his gun was out.

He’s single.

No kids.

Lives alone.

Nevertheless, it is a thoughtless act and one which intimidated me and made me feel uncomfortable.

No repeat performance necessary.

I see the red flag.