Being myself

There I was, texting several men, when all of a sudden I came to a realization.

I’m kinky.

This may not be any big revelation to you, but to me it was.

I was talking about going to naturist resorts and was trying to explain to this guy that it’s all quite normal.

Then I realized it’s not.

It’s abnormal.

I mean, sure it’s natural and all, but most people do not go to nude resorts to decompress.

I keep looking for NORMAL men when really what I need to do is look for open-minded, preferably kinky men.

Not breastfeeding-kinky, mind you.

Not heavy duty 24/7 dark play.

More like capable of a little dark play.

And definitely capable of topping me because let’s face it, when I’m left in charge, things go sideways.

Hence, unblunder.

I’m not suitable for vanilla men.

Not quite full kinkster men.

What to do?

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