I’m big on consent.

I find it really sexy to give and receive consent.

The other day, I was walking past my date who was cooking me dinner and I “happened” to brush his buttocks with my hand.

‘Was that okay?” I asked?


Of course, the trick with consent is that you have to get it AHEAD of time, not after the fact.

This nuance is not lost on me.

I know I have IMPLIED consent to do as I please with him, but when it comes down to it, I prefer to get actual consent.

Especially when it comes to toys, activities, and role play.

It’s fun to get permission for everything I do and have my partner anticipate each move.

Some people might say it ruins the mood to have to ask permission for everything you do.

I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking.

Although I do think asking for a kiss is going too far.

Just kiss me already!

It’s the one thing I like to have occur spontaneously.

But the rest of it, I like to get consent for.

Until in frustration my partner shouts out, “Yes! Yes!  You have my consent for EVERYTHING!”

In which case I go into “carte blanche” mode and have my wicked way with him.