My type(s)

The other day, I was texting a new man when the subject of types came up.

Laugh now.

I have a type.


Type A personality.



Mike Rowe, basically.

Or John Krasinski.

But not those crazy quackers on Duck Dynasty.

Those beards are NASTY, long and unkempt.

I prefer trim and neat.

So a little lumberjack, but not full-on bush man.

This guy, while clean shaven, has some pictures on his profile with him sporting a full beard, so I know he’s got it in him to grow one.

As we were discussing my “type,” I realized that having a “type” doesn’t just apply to the men I date, it also applies to the dogs I love.

I give you Exhibit A:  My two dogs:

Wendy on the left and Mac on the right.

Clearly, I’m a German shepherd girl.

And white German shepherds at that.

Truthfully, I occasionally come across a Tinder profile where there is a bearded man who has a white German shepherd dog, and I ALWAYS swipe right.

Beards and WGSDs?!

Sign up me!