Nudity does not equal sexuality.

At least not in my book, although I acknowledge that most of the world sees it as such.

But ask any nudist if nudity equals sex and the answer will be quite different.

I like nude resorts.

I love swimming and sunbathing naked.

It just so happens that when I do those things, I do them at a local resort where social nudity is acceptable.

The other day, I was texting a new man – a fireman, of all things – and I mention that I’ve been invited to a naked hot tub party with my friends.

He laughed, and assumed it meant freaky things were going to happen.

Typical, for someone who has never been to a nude resort.

Nude resorts do not equal lifestyle resorts.

It’s not a free-for-all-sex-party.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

People are more respectful and hands-off because everyone is vulnerable, without clothes to wear as protection.

I find men in the nudist community WAY MORE APPEALING than men outside it, because they understand the courage it takes for a woman to take off her clothes and walk around naked in front of other people.

Plus, and I mean this as sincerely as possible, no one looks.

Oh ok.

We look at first.

We give sideways glances but eventually, it just becomes nudity and it fades into the background.

So here I am trying to explain to this doofus that I’m not going to a sex party, that I’m going to a nudist party when he shuts me down.

“GOTCHA” he says.

Conversation terminated.

And I’m left feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

Such is the response of most unindoctrinated vanilla man.

And just like that, the conversation ended.

His loss.

2 thoughts on “Gotcha

  1. The whole shock of nudity wears off at a nudist resort in about 5 minutes. The most interesting thing I thought when I went is how everyone does their hairstyle to suit their clothes. But naked, everyone looks weird because there are no clothes to match the style to. I felt pretty comfortable the few times I went. People are very aware of not staring or peeking. You get a lot more eye contact when everyone is naked.

  2. I wish more people would at least visit a nudist resort once in their life. I think most people would find it life changing. As a recent “convert” to nudism, I can say that I would have never imagined it to be what it actually is. And I can’t adequately convey all the amazing things about it other than to stay everyone should try it AND, as you pointed out, there is nothing sexual about it. I don’t think any explaining I do will change the mind of anyone who thinks that’s an oxymoron. They will just have to try it and be amazed, like I was. And we ended up “all in” as nudists in that it isn’t just recreational for us, it’s pretty much a 24×7 thing, whenever possible. Great post!

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