RVs and Burning Man and Corvettes, oh my!

The new guy has an interesting blend of talents.

To begin with, he possesses one of my FAVORITE skills – working on automobiles.

That’s right, the new guy is a wanna-be grease monkey who at one time considered opening up his own mechanic’s shop.

You know what that means?

He can tell me when my air pressure in my tires is low BEFORE I wear out my tires and have to buy new ones.

I’ve don’t that.

He can also suggest upgrades to my truck which will improve my driving experience.

Such as stereos that integrate with my iPhone.

He’s pretty tech savvy.

One of the COOLEST things about the new guy is that he has an RV.

Okay, it’s a 24-foot trailer that needs to be towed, but isn’t it cool that he has one?

What this really means is that the new guy enjoys the outdoors and camping and as you all know, I am a HUGE fan of getting out into the wilderness and bonding with nature.

And people.

Without connectivity you are forced to enjoy the company of the people you are with.

Conversation, laughter, and shenanigans ensue.

I love the idea of co-piloting his trailer for adventures into the wilderness.


The new guy collects cars.

He has six and is looking to buy a truck so that he can haul his trailer.

One of his cars is a pretty sweet looking silver Corvette, which is beautiful to look at and even nicer to ride in.

And he doesn’t drive like an ASSHOLE in it, which is key.

Because don’t we all love Corvette owners who drive like they own the frigging road?

I think not.

Only time will tell if this is a love match, but so far I’m definitely enamored with this new guy and hoping things work out.

Wouldn’t it be nice?