Leave our libidos alone

You know, sometimes Facebook’s marketing team is SPOT ON.

Like when they marketed sundresses to me while I was getting ready for my (cancelled) trip to Florida.

Or when they sent me ads for Ashley Madison when I was sexting a married man.

Hey, he said he was in an open relationship!

Now I’ve learned not to trust that statement unless it comes from the wife.

But the latest Facebook ad has me a bit confused:

Medication for women with a low libido.



Do I strike you as needing an INCREASE to my libido?

I think not.

I also think that modern medicine should just leave women and their libidos alone and not fuck with them.

Unless a woman is herself seeking medical intervention for such a thing as a low libido.

I tend to think that a woman’s libido is closely tied to the intimacy she feels with her partner/s and that giving her a pill might fix the sexual dysfunction but not fix the larger intimacy issue/s.

Typical of modern medicine, to invent a pill to solve a problem that requires something more elegant and refined (such as counseling).

And then, market this pill to the WRONG audience.

Some man thought up this pill and a generic, broad-sweeping “women-over-the-age-of-40” marketing campaign that’s falling short of its ROI.

Fuck this pill and it’s male-centric goal of getting women more aroused and available for sexual activity.

Leave our libidos alone.