Naked retreats

Years ago I attended what I call “my naked retreat.”

Actually, I attended three.

After struggling with feeling out of place at the first retreat, something finally broke through at the end of the weekend and I connected with my fellow retreat attendees.

I went back and attended two more naked retreats.

I joined their mailing list which periodically sends out emails advertising activities but I have yet to participate in anything.

Yesterday, I got an intriguing email for an non-naked workshop on July 7th in Sacramento:

At first, I laughed (isn’t that how it always starts?)

Then I thought about it:  An emotional honesty workshop?

Actually, that sounds like something I could use.

Round about this time, the new guy texts me so I send him a screen shot of the workshop.

His response:  Cool.

So I asked, “You’d go?”

Because if the answer is no fucking way then the new guy isn’t right for me.

He said he’d consider it but really feels like it’s too soon to discuss something like that.

And I agreed.

Plus I’m going to a naked pool party on July 7th.

There’s no way I’m skipping the party to attend this workshop.

But It’s on my radar now.

And the new guy sailed through another test without setting off any red flags.

So there’s that. . .

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