Won’t you be my neighbor?

As it turns out, my camp will be placed on playa at 6:30 and E this year.

It’s the general area we get placed every year which means I’m familiar with navigating to 6:30.

I shouldn’t get lost with such a central suburban placement.

I’m totally excited about my neighbors, though.

First there’s Midnight Poutine which (you guessed it) serves Canadian poutine at midnight to the hungry masses.

I’ve never had midnight poutine on playa.

Then there’s Slushious – a camp that hosts boozy slushie parties on the playa which means I can totally get my drink on and enjoy a refreshing slushie AT THE SAME TIME!

Finally, there’s Barbie Death Camp which includes, among its various offerings, erotic massages.

I think those are DUO erotic massages (as in you bring your partner and get instructed on giving an erotic massage).

But I know they give regular massages too because I once had an awesome coconut oil massage from a burner who looked like Lori Petty (of Tank Girl fame).

This burn I’ll be able to knock down a few more camps off my “NEED TO VISIT” list.

Sadly, Slutgarden will not be anywhere near me so I might not get to see the Slut Olympics this year but we shall see.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And so far the line up this year as far as neighborhood camps is looking PRETTY GOOD!