Wild Times

There I was, casually chatting with my sister about the new guy, when she said something that made me pause.

“Is he okay with your wild lifestyle?” she asked me.


What WILD lifestyle?

I go to work Monday through Friday.

I chill at home for most of the evenings.

I keep my schedule uncluttered so I can spend my free time on the weekend doing things that I enjoy – like pack for Burning Man, binge watch new Netflix shows, and work on costumes.

Granted, I know polyamorists, nudists, burners, healers, dominatrices, and SO MUCH MORE, but me?

I’m not the least bit wild and I wouldn’t use that word to describe my lifestyle.

Wild is vacationing in the Dominican Republic and taking a drink from the mini bar.

That’s living dangerously.

Honestly, you hit up a few naturist resorts, hang out at a couple of burns, and socialize with alternative peoples and all of a sudden you’ve got a WILD lifestyle.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that the new guy can handle all of it.

So far, he’s been stellar at accommodating my less than mainstream activities.

But I’m giving it to him in little bits and pieces, instead of loading him down with it all at once.

Clearly, even my family thinks that my life is more exotic than it really is, so I must be doing something right.