Birthday time

The new guy’s birthday is TODAY and I’ve been scouring my brain for birthday present ideas and I think I’ve come up with something really good.

First of all, I was told that the new guy prefers EXPERIENCES over THINGS so instead of buying him some random accessory for his new camping trailer, I opted to get him a glass blowing experience for two.

That way he can go and bring a guest to enjoy in the fun.

Yes, he can bring me but I’ve done it twice already so if he wants to take his son or someone else, that’s cool with me.

In order to give him this gift I need something to wrap up for him and I opted to get him a big glass beer mug engraved with his nickname.

Finally, while perusing his Instagram I discovered that the new guy is a huge fan of donuts, so I’m getting him a dozen donuts from Voodoo Donuts.

That should be sufficient to tell the new guy that I like him without being too over-the-top, which let’s face it, I really can be from time to time.