Glitter Bomb

The new guy and I went out for his birthday to a new restaurant called One Pot Shabu Shabu.

Shabu shabu literally means ‘swish swish’ in Japanese and it involves thinly sliced vegetables, meats and seafood swished in a pot of hot broth.

After taking him for Ethiopian food, I’m afraid now I’m getting a reputation among his family members as being the girl who takes him to unusual places.

This doesn’t bother me.

I’d rather be the woman who he has new experiences with than a woman he repeats old familiar patterns with.

Just don’t expect me to eat bugs.

The new guy picked me up in his Corvette.

I was wearing a brown shirt with little flecks of glitter on it.


I’m so sheepish.

The thing is I KNOW BETTER than to wear glitter ANYTHING.

This was a shirt my mom bought me and I loved the gray-brown shade of the blouse.

But I do not like glitter.

And I’m SO EMBARRASSED that I MOOPED in that beautiful car.

According to the new guy, it took a rag and 10 seconds to ‘swish’ the glitter out of his car, but STILL. . .

2 thoughts on “Glitter Bomb

  1. I’m constantly thinking about MOOP! Mum had a house full of it, I opened a card she’d gotten for Christmas and MOOPed all over the carpet. Not cool!

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