I was at the Gilroy Garlic Festival

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that there was an active shooter at the Gilroy Garlic Festival that I attended on Sunday.

Yes, I was there.

No, I left before the shooting started.

The new guy and I spent a couple of hours wandering around the Garlic Festival Sunday afternoon.

It was a hot day.

We dashed from shade structure to shade structure and at one point I looked the new guy dead in the eye and said, “I need to sit down in the shade.”

I was getting overheated and needed to rest.

There were TONS of families there.

Little kids in strollers.

There were literally THOUSANDS of people having fun.

Everyone was having a good time.

The bands were playing.

Mid afternoon, the new guy and I got tired of the festival and left to cool off and grab a late lunch.

We knew something was wrong when his phone started ringing off the hook.

We finished our food and were hanging out at his house watching Avengers End Game.

News of the attack hadn’t reached the television yet but the new guy’s daughter had a friend who tweeted that there was an active shooter at the festival and there were injuries/fatalities.

We assured his family that we were safe and nowhere near the festival.

Then I set about calling everyone who knew I was attending the festival that day to let them know I was safe.

Which is a lot of people when you blog that you’re going to the garlic festival.

I basically had to tell all my friends and family I was safe.

Facebook made it easier for me to reach out to everyone.

And of course, I have to blog it so my readers know I’m okay.

Seeing the news coverage of the attack, seeing the same places I toured as a festival goer now become the scene of a crime was shocking.

People running through the open areas where the new guy and I had strolled just hours before.

Hug your parents.

Kiss your children.

Life is precious.

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