Far from the maddening crowd

I’m looking for alternatives to standing around the man watching him burn on Saturday night at Burning Man this year.

It’s always fun to be there but this year, post Gilroy shooting, I’m very wary of crowds.

I feel uniquely vulnerable in a crowd, especially when there’s no shelter apart from art cars and the like.

But there’s seriously so many people and bikes around, it’s not like the art cars could go anywhere to escape.

If I had to run, where would I go?

It’s all flat desert.

I posted to my Village my intention to hang back from the crowd.

Or at the very least find out what the options are, even if I decide to still watch the burn from its perimeter.

And wouldn’t you know it, they came up with a whole bunch of alternative locations to watch the man burn.

Find a comfy space on some tall playa art.

Sit on top a geodesic dome.

Watch from the Esplanade.

I love my Village.

And I’m sorry too that I don’t seem to have the mental fortitude to withstand watching the man burn from the sidelines.

I’ve been thinking it might be wise to talk to a professional about what I’m experiencing.

I might have a touch of PTSD.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a different kind of burn for me this year because I feel so vulnerable post Garlic Festival shooting.

My friends are kind enough and understanding enough to be patient with me as I recover from the stress of knowing I was at the same festival as an active shooter and missed him by a narrow window of time.

In a way, Burning Man is the perfect place to go to heal from the trauma.