Burning Man: Getting There, part 2

Well, Burning Man 2016 greeted me in true form – with a celebratory white-out dust storm.

It took Tejas and I three and a half hours to get through Gate and find our little plot of the playa.


We both had early admission, so we were arriving on the Saturday BEFORE Gate opened.  Nevertheless, due to the weather, the wait was LONG!

We set up the RV:


And we set up a supply tent to clean all our crap out of the messy RV:


But our BIG project was the 20′ x 24′ shade structure complete with lighting:


In the end, what was important was that I got my bed set up and had a place to rest my sweat soaked body:


I worked on some other structures for camp and went to bed exhausted watching plumes of fire being emitted by art cars off in the distance while Platabus played tunes next door.

Tejas drank rum and went out socializing.

Ah, Burning Man. . .

We are )'(ome!