Saunadome 2016

Last year I had a wonderful experience in the Finnish Saunadome, despite needing electrolytes after my sauna.

It’s one of my few treasured memories from my 2015 burn.

That and a really WILD romp in the bed of a truck.

This year I was pleased to see that the Saunadome was back (and with a nice shade structure).

img_0036Naturally, during this burn, I trotted myself over to the Saunadome, stripped off all my clothes, and stood in line with about 12 other naked burners to wait my turn in the Saunadome.

Not surprisingly, my memory from 2015 served me well. The Finnish sauna was AH-MAZING!

We sat inside the heated, white, inflatable dome and steamed our bodies as our sauneer poured essential oil-infused water over super heated stones.

I sweated like a prize pig on a treadmill.

After about 10 minutes in the sauna, we exited to a chorus of “Arms up! 360!”

We raised our arms and turned in a circle and oohed and aahed over the “cool” playa climate.

I loved my sauna so much I got in line and did it again.

The only occurrence to mar this amazing experience is that while I was waiting outside the saunadome, naked and vulnerable, a water truck passing by stopped and the driver rolled down his window to snap a picture of all us naked burners queued up.

Personally, I felt a little angry that this outsider took our picture without permission.

So I ducked behind Tejas.

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