He was the definition of sexy.

Tall, handsome in a rugged way, and big chested with a voice like he gargles with glass, I found him totally irresistible.

And miracle of miracles, he liked me too.

Before I knew it we were the only two people in the room.

He told me I was terrible at flirting and he was probably right.

I have two modes: shy and full-out.

This time around I was shy and unsure with occasional bursts of boldness.

First, I sent a friend to find out if he was married or attached to someone.

When I found out he was single, I actually leaned across the bar, right in front of him, and stared at his lips until he came closer and said, “What are you going to do now?”

“Well, seeing as how I can’t get any closer, I’m going to stare at your lips until you close the distance between your lips and mine,” I said.

“Or, you could grab me by the back of my head and pull me to you,” he suggested cheekily.

Wish granted!

When he finally kissed me my whole body got into it.

It was intense.


Before I knew it, we were in his RV fooling around to the light of my LED kitty ears.

Ah, Burning Man, how much I love thee!