Belly dancing

About 14 years ago, I worked for a spa in Saratoga. One of the benefits of working at a spa, besides free and discounted treatments was that we always had great parties. At one such party I met Sandra.

Sandra is an outstanding belly dancer who works in the Bay Area.

belly danceShe is talented, beautiful, poised, and knows a lot about belly dancing. You can read more about her here.

Ironically, she has a graduate degree from Stanford. She took up belly dancing in college to keep fit and now it more than pays the bills.


In any case, here is a sample of Sandra dancing.

She is mesmerizing, no?

So I’ve decided that my next big adventure is going to be taking belly dancing lessons from Orchid Belly Dance in Willow Glen.

I’m dying to buy one of those belly dancer outfits. Here are my two favorites:

black belly red belly


Yes, I like the black leather belly dancing outfit – kinda like dancer meets dominatrix. Very cool.

In any case, wish me luck as I embark on this new adventure.

I’m gonna need it!

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