Big Sexy Weekend

This weekend I am going with Nadine to the Big Sexy Brewing Company’s Big Sexy Three Year Anniversary and Benefit Party.

It’s in Sacramento.

Nadine has me traveling all over California in search of fun and exciting things to do.

This adventure comes with beer, live music, and a DUNK TANK!

Nothing more fun than getting someone all wet in a dunk tank.

I once rented one for my kids’ birthday party in 2008 and WE HAD A BLAST!

The kids all climbed into the dunk tank and took turns having their friends dunk them.

So I know first-hand how much fun dunk tanks can be.

And I know how much fun Nadine can be.

Add in a few food trucks and a good cause – raising money for diabetic alert dogs – and what you have is one hell of a great way to spend your weekend.