Kayaking Davenport

My buddy said, “Are there sharks out there?” Voicing my unspoken fear… Kayaking with sharks.

I was there to kayak with whales, along with 15 other brave souls willing to wake up at the crack of dawn. We met at Davenport Landing just outside Santa Cruz and launched our kayaks into the swelling ocean this morning.


We paddled a mile off the coast into a pod of about 20 whales. You’d hear a spout before you’d see a whale.


I saw a large whale about 10 feet from my kayak.  It blew twice, rolled through the waves, and disappeared.


It was breathtaking and awe inspiring, to say the least. I stopped to snap a picture of myself in the kayak on the ocean.

imageWhen you’d stop paddling and just look and listen, it was so quiet… just the swell of the waves and the sound of silence. Beauty.

We also paddled with a bunch of sea lions, harbor seals, and one elephant seal pup.

It was quite thrilling to see them in their natural state, playing in the waves and following us around like dogs of the sea.

All in all, I had a great time. I barely thought about sharks and I thrilled to see the pod of whales. I learned how peaceful the sea can be on a calm and quiet morning. I learned you can get cell reception half a mile off the coast of Davenport.

Oh, and I learned I get seasickness.

Yeah, that one was WAY fun!