Feeling good as hell

A month has passed since I got ghosted.

Not once, but twice.

The first one got busy and just fell away.

The second one got busy and blocked me.

In the days since this happened, I’ve had time to reflect.

Time to wonder what the hell is going on and if I should really take it personally.

Do I (emphasis on the I) need a time out?

Is there something going on with ME?

Ultimately, I think ghosting says more about the ghoster than the ghostee.

It says, “I can’t face our incompatibility head on so I’m just going to be indifferent.”

That’s the NICE version of what I think it means.

Because I also think it means, “I’m self-absorbed and can’t communicate my feelings like an adult.”

The good news is that I didn’t take the ghosting personally.

Oh sure, my feelings were hurt for a hot minute, but also?

I took some time to reflect on what a bad ass bitch I really am and I’m feeling GOOD AS HELL.

Without a man.

Between my friends Michelle, Barbara and Nadine, and my sister, I’ve built quite a support structure around myself and what could have been a real setback emotionally for me has turned out to be a blip in an otherwise pleasant 2019.

Part of me blames the online dating culture for the rudeness that runs rampant on dating sites now.

It’s so easy to just drop someone and move on when you have a deck of cards on your device with people eager to meet you.

However, as I reflect on this, I’m just as easily reminded that this is also why I am feeling fine.

Because I too have a deck of cards on my device and a new love interest is only a swipe away.

Which is why I’ve deleted my profile and the Tinder app.

Maybe I’ll go back to it.

Who can say?

But for now, I’m feeling good, strong, and powerful and I don’t need a crutch to carry me through the tough times.

I can do that all by myself (with a little help from my friends) <3.

4 thoughts on “Feeling good as hell

  1. I don’t see anything wrong at all. You are very pretty, intelligent, and seem to be an all around fun person. Sorry you were ghosted by men that are missing out on the person you are. If I had my way, I would do what I could to sweep you off your feet. That is what I would do

  2. Ghosting is cowardly. If you want to break off a relationship for whatever reason, you owe it to the person to talk to them – preferably face to face. You have to be honest and own that you don’t think this is going to work out for whatever reason – timing, lack of mutual attraction, incompatible points of view, or whatever. Be courteous but be clear that it’s not working for you. If someone uses the convenience of technology to make another person disappear, they are missing a piece of their humanity.

  3. I definitely blame online dating for this ghosting culture – people can hide so easily and so unnecessarily. What’s wrong with simply letting the other person know that they’re not interested. I much prefer honesty! I’ve had so many bad dates and been ghosted a few times myself so decided to share my experiences too – feel free to give my blog a read https://browngrldates.wordpress.com

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