Plan B

Oh dear.

I may have planned out my next quilt a little too hastily.

Just out of curiosity, I went and photoshopped the pattern another way and I like it the color arrangement much better than my first attempt.

The teal/aqua combination looks much better than the teal/lavender combination.

Like by a LONG SHOT.

I think I will have to scrap Plan A and move on to Plan B.

It’s no big deal however.

I haven’t done any real work on the cutting and piecing yet.

I haven’t even received the fabric in the mail yet and the difference between Plan A and Plan B is less than a yard of aqua fabric.

So I’m making an executive decision and going with my second color arrangement instead of my first.

If I didn’t make the change, I’d forever be looking at that quilt thinking, “oh, it could have been SOOOOO much nicer.”

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