I went on a date with a man I can only describe as my son’s true hero.

He’s an enlisted Air National Guardsman who has risen through the ranks to basically the highest level an enlisted man can achieve.

The top 1%.

My son was so enamored of my date that he INSISTED that I let him speak to him during our first date.

What did they discuss?

The perks of being in the military, of course.

Discounts to state parks, free baggage, commissary discounts, and on base accommodations.

It was heartening to see my son so engaged in a conversation with someone I was interested in.

Unfortunately, as these things go, I am not all that interested in this man.

Not because he’s not an outstanding person, because he is.

But he’s at a place in his life where he’s going to retire soon and travel extensively and I’m at least 10 years away from that place in my own life.

I might see him again, however.

He lives a mere 2 miles from me so it’s REALLY convenient to date him.

We’ll see how things develop.

Wish me luck!

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