Won’t you be my neighbor?

Date #2 with Duncan’s Hero is coming up.

You remember the air national guardsman who my son was so impressed with?

Yes, we’re “going out’ on Date #2.

I used the phrase “going out” loosely because in actuality we’re probably going to eat at his place.

So it’s kinda like eating in.

The WHOLE reason why I’m even going on this date is because The Photographer convinced me to text Duncan’s Hero long after I’d given up hope of ever hearing from him again.

I got an immediate and swift response asking me “out.”

Some of you might say, “Well hey!  He’s probably expecting something.”

To which I say, “Please?”

No really, I say, “So what?! We’re adults!  He lives 2 miles from my house.  Now that’s a convenient booty call!”

He’d be my NEIGHBOR if he was any closer!