Harder than Chinese algebra

I’m not a huge fan of long hair on men.

It’s why Nadine and I make SUCH GOOD WINGMEN for each other.

I like the clean-cut, bearded ones.

She’s like the long-haired, baby-faced ones.

I’ll take Bruce Willis and Joe Manganiello over Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto any day.

BUT. . .


Jason Momoa.

Damn baby!

Mama ain’t gonna kick you out of bed for eating crackers!

You know he and Lisa Bonet are having some HOT SEX!

I want their sex life!

The other man I swoon over is Brock O’Hurn.

You probably haven’t heard of him but he’s a model on Instagram as well as an actor on the rise.

He looks like he was ripped straight off the cover of a romance novel.

And speaking of RIPPED, have you ever seen such a chest in ALL YOUR LIFE?!

He’s harder than Chinese algebra!