Happy Endings

Don’t you just LOVE a happy ending?

I was out on a date with a guy and he admitted to me that his last massage had a “happy ending.”

For those of you living under a rock, that means his “massage technician” jerked him off at the end of the massage thereby giving him a “happy ending” to his massage.

Now I was a little surprised.

First, I was astonished that he just admitted it to me out of the blue.

Maybe he was trying to steer the conversation in a sexual direction.

Second, I was a little shocked.

Not because he allowed himself to enjoy a happy ending massage, but because the massage parlor was in the illustrious town of Los Gatos.

What massage parlor in Los Gatos is doling out happy ending massages?

Come on!

This is not the first time a date admitted to a happy ending massage with me.

Another guy told me about the one he had when he was in India with – get this – a MALE masseur.

So go figure.

It happens in India.

It happens in Los Gatos.

Apparently happy ending massages are very popular.

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