I recently got on another networking website.

I decided to create an account because a bunch of my friends are on this site and I wanted to have a way to keep in touch with them.

And so far, it’s done exactly that – kept me in touch with my friends, their art, and their interests.

The flip side of this membership though is that anyone on the site can see my page (which quite frankly, is very plain) and message me directly.

I do not like this feature of the site.

I have no problems with friends messaging me, but TOTAL STRANGERS, no thank you!

As an example, I got a message from a man on the site.

I barely looked at it.

He was completely unknown to me and I have no need to make more friends with people I don’t know at all, especially 28-year old males looking for action.

So I ignored the message.

Then a day later, another message from him.


Isn’t that a nice “welcome to the neighborhood?”

My friends have assured me that this is the exception to the rule and that most people on the site are friendly, but I’m skeptical.

And I’m heartily tempted to delete my profile.

I find it interesting that he was so quick to get nasty when his first email was virtually sweetness and light.

You never really know a person until you see who they are when the shit hits the fan.

And this guy clearly has a chip on his shoulder for women in power.

Needless to say, I reported him and I blocked him.

But just so you know, misogyny is alive and well and today I FOUGHT BACK.