Christmas Shopping

I’ve been shopping for all my friends and family and have selected some wonderful items to gift them with.

I may create a few curated themed shopping gift lists, but for now, here’s my hodge podge list of gifts (even some for myself):1. Star earrings – $14

For Robin, because every time I see stars, I think of her.

2. Pearl scrunchie – $32

Also for Robin, because it’s fancy, just like her.

3. Eberjey robe – starts at $45

For my mom, because nothing warms the heart more than a soft robe in her favorite color.

4. Camp hair, don’t care hat – $23

Irony for Jennifer, because her hair always looks amazing, even when camping.

5. Flannel pajamas – starts at $15

For my youngest kid, who seems to always wear them out of the house because they’re cozy.

6. Python print booties – $44

Because they’re wildly popular right now.

7. Pearl headband – $38

For Robin, because it’s beautiful, just like her.

8. Duraline liquid sealer – $20

For me, because it turns any powdered eye shadow into a liner.  Oh, the possibilities!

9. Shuttle Arts marking pens – $23

For my nephews, because they love to create art as much as I enjoy watching them.

10. Toilet night light – $11

For you, because you never knew you needed this until you installed it.

11. Diffuser – $27

For me, because work can be stressful and aromatherapy helps.

12. Surge protector – $16

For my dad, who never seems to have enough USB charging outlets.

13. 2020 Monthly calendar – $11

For me, because I love a sunshine-colored weekly planner that helps me stay organized.

14. Himalayan Body Scrub – $12

For my youngest, because it’s perfect.

15. Chocolate covered cookie gift basket – $28

For my family, because the only thing better than a cookie is a chocolate-covered cookie!

16. Magnetic car phone mount – $16

For me, because I need to mount my phone so I’m not looking down at it. NOTE:  It even comes in ROSE GOLD!

17. Power bank – $28

For everyone, since the PG&E is shutting down the power in California.

18. 3D Wooden puzzle – $30

For my nephews, who love to build things.

19. Cat fountain – $15

For my sister and her FIVE cats!

20. Silver backpack – $96

For me, because it looks pretty.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. I have that exact diffuser and it is wonderful! You would make the best personal shopper – if you ever decide to change careers!!

  2. Cat fountains are great, they need cleaning fairly often, but are a lot of fun.
    I love the scrunching and the earrings! Except, I’m a silver gal. I hope I get earrings for Christmas. I’ve not gotten any in a while. 😂😂 Although, I’m pretty sure all I’m getting is an air fryer.

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