Santa Cruz Santa Con

I got out of the house on Friday night and attended Santa Cruz’s Santa Con.

It was downtown on Pacific Street.

First we met at a Market Square.

Yummy, my friend who brought me, got rock star parking right next to the Market Square.

We dined on tacos before heading out into the rain to hit The Catalyst Upstairs.

A DJ was playing tunes and I managed to get a drink or two at the bar before it became totally inundated with Santa’s all clamoring for drinks.

After that, we Yummy and I stopped in to a cookie store and we picked up a half dozen cookies which were wafting their delicious scent out the door and down the street.

Back to the breezeway in Market Square for a little Silent Disco and candy shopping before heading to the Blue Lagoon for DJ music in the backroom.

There was a lovely lady with lavender hair there who looked stunning.

I somehow managed to only take one picture for the night and here it is:

santa con santa cruz

Me and Yummy, at the start of the evening.