Gifts for Pet Lovers

I have loved my fair share of cats and dogs, although currently only have birds and hamsters.  Here’s some dog and cat related gift ideas which will please any pet lovers.

$30 Walky Dog.  This is PERFECT for those large breed dogs you need to run to burn off all their energy. I know firsthand.

$10 Cool Pooch water bottle. Sip water with your dog WITHOUT swapping spit.

$24 Friends Forever laser cat toy. Because playing with their little kitty cat minds is FUN!

$16 – Plush narwhal stuffed toy. Let’s face it, narwhals are IN.

$31-$150 – Super soft cuddler for dogs and cats. Do they make one for human too?

$149 – Treat tossing toy.  To stay in touch with your dog even after you leave the house.

$8 – Small pet microchip (to be administered by a vet).  Fastest way to find a (GOD FORBID) lost beloved pet.

$25 – Reflective dog bandana.  Safety when you’re out walking your pooch.

$25 – Dapper Dog curated monthly treat box.  Because the only thing better than a treat, is a MONTHLY TREAT!

$13 – Taco toy for dogs.  Because who doesn’t love tacos, especially when they’re THIS cute?

$17 – Dental cleaning treat toy.  Perfect for oral hygiene.

$37-$108 – Custom pet portrait.  For the pet lover who REALLY adores their pet.

$9 – Catnip treats.  You ever watch a cat on catnip?  Oh, the entertainment!

$13 – Pet grooming glove.  Prevent pesky matts and remove excess fur.

$17 – Fair Isle pet sweater.  Have the best dressed dog on the block.  If you dress your pet.