Cheeky blogging

I’m always fascinated to see what kind of search terms people put in to Google or Yahoo when they surf into my site.

Here are a few search terms I came across today:

1. Rubbed My Butt Massage Naked Spa Blog

2. Boys wearing sissy panties

3. Massage ass woman vedio (nice spelling of video, eh? I had to resist the urge to pick up a red pen and write “F” on my computer screen)

4. Proper doggie style technique (can you actually mess up this position? Enough that you would google “proper technique” to educate yourself? Here’s a tip – hold on to her and keep your head away from the headboard.)

5. Indoctrinated foot fetish

And, get this….

6. Nude buldging camel toe (AGAIN with the freaky spelling!)

So in celebration of managing to say one thing and get content crawled into something TOTALLY different (all except for the 1-10 Brazilian Wax search, that one I deserve wholeheartedly)…

…I’ve decided to post a ginormous picture of my ass as a banner.

Live it., Breathe it.Download it.


3 thoughts on “Cheeky blogging

  1. I’ve never thought about looking at search terms. I anticipate people find me because they see my responses elsewhere and wonder if I have a blog.

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