Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…

bondThe other day, my friend Walt told me he had something done called bondassage.

It’s just what it sounds like – a combination between bondage and a massage.

Basically, you get naked, then you are blindfolded, tied up, and all sorts of stimulation is applied to your body – including slaps, strokes, massage, and flogging.

At least Walt THINKS he was flogged. He’s not entirely sure since he was blindfolded. But at the end, he felt flogged.

As Walk put it, “It’s a new thing.  There was a ton of skin stimulation with different textures that left my entire body tingling, vibrating, pulsing and whooshing for minutes after.  It’s great to just soak it in.”

Bondassage is touted as a great experience for people who want to explore BDSM but need to enter the scene slowly and with caution.

At least as much caution as is possible when you’re tied up and blindfolded (which I personally think requires a lot of trust).

The fruitful union of soothing touch and bodywork combined with something a little darker is starting to appeal to more than just your average man. Women are flocking to this new activity too. Perhaps because the appeal of BDSM and sensual massage is universal. And bondassage is so accessible.

According to Walt, it was very sexy. “I got a real good taste of it, enough that I am satisfied for now. I really liked the lighter stuff – the things that enhance sensation. I will want to learn that.”

And maybe that’s what he’s going to take away from this experience – the high sensation moments that left him feeling stimulated and satisfied. Things worth learning to please your partner.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…